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Windows 10 update broke DHCP, knocked users off the Internet

Microsoft rushes out Windows 10 patch to fix broken Internet connections


Beware phishing scams in Amazon listings

FBI dispute with DNC over hacked servers may fuel doubt on Russia role

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Professionally designed ransomware Spora might be the next big thing

Schools hit by spate of cold call ransomware attacks

Beware of ransomware hiding in shortcuts





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Free 3G internet from WhatsApp? No, it's a scam

Why you should be cautious of emails from friends or colleagues


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Asus ZenPad Z8 review: A capable tablet not worth signing a contract for






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This text can crash your iPhone

Productivity resolution: The best iPhone or iPad apps for 2017

Samsung's new Galaxy A phones have great looks and features



Windows 10

Best budget laptops: We rate the best-selling portables on Amazon and Best Buy